Gold's Gym, Style G496

For Sale

Dual-stack, four-station home gym. We purchased this at MC Sporting Goods in 1994 and used it for 14 years. For the past 10 years, it has resided unused in my basement, having been partially disassembled so it could be moved to a different residence. The owner's manual (pictured) includes assembly instructions. The gym features two stacks of weights so two people can work out at the same time. It's capable of 32 different exercises with up to 300 pounds of weight resistance for a total body workout for those serious about body-building as well as those just wanting to tone. This gym is in very good condition with no problems or missing parts. This heavy equipment will need removed from the basement and hauled in a truck or trailer. Cost $800 brand new, asking $300.


Updated: January 08, 2019