I am giving away four storage bins (without lids), three mini storage bins with lids, and two other small containers (with lids). Storage bins are almost brand new, and containers have never been used. Please text or email me if interested!


Updated: April 13, 2019


Two free sofa chairs. Combine them into a couch, use each separately as a chair and fold them out at a bed for one or two people.


Updated: April 12, 2019


Currently on curb off E. Henrietta Street in Wooster. Haul yourself. Available until the trash pick up comes tomorrow morning. First bird gets the worm! No emails please.

Updated: March 05, 2019


I am looking for someone that is willing to foster a dog until May 20th. The dog’s name is Kobe. Kobe is mild tempered, loves kids and other animals (even non-dogs), and he is quiet. A sudden change of circumstances is why I am looking for foster care at this moment. I would provide money for the cost he accumulates monthly (food, new leashes/toys, etc.). I prefer for the host to have a backyard but he does well only in the house. If he is in the house a lot he will need to be walked regularly. If you are willing to assist me with my search feel free to text or call me at: 678-446-9491


Updated: March 01, 2019


This is a Sonoma Lifestyle fur jacket that was given to me that I cannot wear. I'm just trying to get it off my hands and hopefully give it to someone who can get some use out of it. The Jacket is a size small.

Updated: February 21, 2019